Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions concerning GROW and the application process. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to reach out via our contact form

When is the deadline to apply for the GROW Programme?

The deadline to apply is 31st of January, 23.59 CET.

Do I have to move to The Netherlands?

Yes, you will be employed by one of the Dutch Universities and although field research in the African context will be strongly encouraged for each PhD project, the bulk of your project will be executed while making use of the Dutch research infrastructure, training programme and network.

Can I choose which university I will do my PhD at?

Yes, you can select max. 2 supervisors of any participating research groups during your application process. Visit our Application page to see how to choose which university you can apply to. In the end, you will be matched with one supervisor, possible a duo of supervisors in one group at one of the universities.

I am not African, can I still apply?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind though that selection criteria 2 and 3 note: 2) Vision on emerging needs and challenges in Africa and 3) Personal motivation, experience and affinity with Africa. These criteria are weighted equally with 1) academic excellence and thus you should demonstrate a solid case if you originate from elsewhere.

Do you also offer other positions or scholarships than PhD?

No, at the moment we exclusively offer PhD positions

I don't want to do a PhD, but can I become partner in the GROW community?

We are looking for academics and societal actors (industry, goverment, NGOs, funders etc.) as partners in our projects and / or as advisors for individual PhD students, once they started. If you are intereted, please send us an email or become a member of our GROW Linkedin group.

I have a Bachelor degree and no Master degree (yet at the call deadline). Can I apply?

No, being in the posession of a Master degree that matches with your supervisor's domain of choice, is a hard mandatory requirement to be eligible for this programme

Can I approach the supervisors directly?

If you want to understand the work better of the supervisor(s) you want to apply with, feel free to reach out to them with concrete and content related questions. All applications can solely be done via the GROW application portal, which will become available via this website on December 1st. For any process related questions, please use all the information on this website and the Guide for Applicants.

If I send in my application sooner, will this benefit me in the review?

No, the time that you took to prepare your application will not be a review topic. Be sure to make the best proposal you can and - of course - send it in before the deadline 31 January 2024.

Will there be another call for PhD positions next year?

We are are highly encouraged by all the engaging reactions from candidates and partners, however at the moment we have not secured funding for a new call. We will be working on that though and keep everyone posted.

Do we need to do fieldwork/secondment/internship with one of the GROW partners?

No, the network is here to assist you, but you can also bring in or find your own connections.